Web Directory Listing Submission Guidelines

Web Directory Listing is completely a human based web directory. All submitted websites will be reviewed by a human being thoroughly and only the websites that match our following guidelines will be placed in Web Directory Listing. If you are not agree to all of the below submission guidelines, then please don't submit your website in Web Directory Listing.

Listing Guidelines

» We accept only the Home Page URL for a free listing. In case of Favorite Link, inner page urls can be accepted.

» Incomplete or "Under Construction" sites are not accepted.

» pornographic, violence, Adult or bad content based websites are not accepted.

» Website must be in English.

» Your website should be displayed properly in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

» Submit your website in appropriate category. Otherwise the submission will be rejected.

» Title, description and keyword should be matched to your website contents.

» Title should be 60 characters, Descriptions should be 300 characters.

» Give the Valid email address. We will send you the verification email to be confirm as the link submitted by human being. After getting your reply, we will consider to add your website.

» Single page based websites are not accepted.You should have minimum 4 to 5 pages on the website with reach contents and information.

» If you want to delete your listing, simply send us a mail from your submitted mail id. Request from other email id will not be accepted. Before deleting the link, we will verify your ownership on the website.

» In Free listing,the added url will be deleted automatically after 1 year without any notice. So You should resubmit the URL again after 1 year of your listing added.

» We have the rights to delete any of the listings at any time if we find your listing doesn't follow our guidelines.

» We have the rights to change our guidelines and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

» You are responsible for your submitted links.

Notes For Favorite Link Requests :

» We will give priority to Favorite link request and it will be listed within 2 to 3 days after a thorough observation of the website.

» The Favorite links will be placed in first part of the appropriate category page and will be placed on the Favorite Link page.

» Favorite links will be placed for 1 year. After one year, you should have to renew the listing.

» Favorite listings can modify their title and description at any time by submitting a query in Contact form.

» In favorite links you can submit your inner page also.

» We will communicate with you for further actions after getting your request for Favorite listing.